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Star AdviceClub
Hi people if u require any type of advice, pls join in n be a part of our team.. & lets make this club to be a worthy cause.

Group Founder: dj_sam
Description: Hi friends! Pls join this advice club, Lets build up this advice club to help out the people in need... DJ Sam.
Group Type: Public join
Members: 469
Category: Romance & Relationships > Advice

Topics (92)

go HELP (11) mary_jay
i guess i'm 4lin u a guy datz 3 years olda dan me,its kinda incrsn evrydai,but i don't want him 2 know,wat can i do

go Club chat box [177] rahma_08
Lets talk bou anythng!

go Can a girl..... (5) dpak14u
I luv a girl who is taller than i.can a girl luv a shorter boy?

go Wat makes a guy not 2 check on (6) diceygrl
Y does most guys claims 2 luv a girl but dont cal dont text dont remember special dates valentine,birthday anniversary always making up excuses

go How do you know a man loves yo (19) metalace
Without him telling you he actually does? When do they know they love a girl?

go *shyness* (26) wikp
Am 2 shy 2 even approach a chiq..pliz advice

go Cheating (4) basurera
Is it ok for a man to cheat on u nd have s*x wit a prostitute

go Just love lol (2) jugsjulz
Just wanna say life is great even though day to day is s**t.dont give up on ya dreams.x x x

go My bro (4) jugsjulz
Took my bro in cos he ended up on streets after he evicted.wat do i do he makin no effort an bad drink prob, he draggin me down.nickin money off me.he not got no one else,is he just usin me or should ...

go Family issues (19) danhage
Hi ya 'll. It's been a long time since i ve been here!! I need on my family problems. My real dad came back to our country for gud! I ve got so much anger in me. I hate him for leaving me alone all th...

go I beg u all (6) trowland
My fiance, a member verez of our honourable group left me yesterday, i'll so appreciate if we all can call her on 08025419520 to make her c reason that she's everything and everything in my life. Than...

go wat u feel 4dream s*x? (3) tagilove
when i slept, i thought some1 me? bt i slept without girl bt they slept my neighbor & got jellyfish when awaken...

go Hw 2 deal wit moody ppl (5) loewieee
Plz do 1 adjust 2 such ppl,especial if thy hppn 2 b cloz 2 u... Im nt a pretender,so dnt tel me 2 pretend i failed doin dat.. Wat 2 do.plz help

go help (4) dpak14u
if i wish a girl happy birthday who doesnot know me but she has seen me.what will be her response.

go ever since i broke p with my (2) njobvu
ever since i broke up with my ex girl.i cant find anothr girl.wat should i do to find anothr since relationship.


Photos (23)

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Files (22)

1 love generation
2 mathakada hanadawe
3 big city life
4 Dance
5 With you / chris brown
6 Rise Up (DJ Sam''''s Step by Step Garage Mix) - Volume 2
7 Winx''s angel2
8 Winx''s angel
9 After_forever
10 Anime_girl
11 Kiss
12 I_luv_my_bf
13 Skullnr0sess
14 4 u
15 Never say g00dbye


Polls (3)

go What attracts a woman in men
go What attracts the men most in women..
go The most important to spice up ur love life is?

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